The Fearless Speaker Online Coaching Group

"What would your career, business and life look like if you were not afraid of public speaking?"

Whether you struggle with giving a business or sales presentation, a formal speech, experience call reluctance or need to promote your services or a new product, the ability to present and speak without debilitating anxiety and fear is CRUCIAL to your success.

The Fearless Speaker Coaching Group is a safe and powerful opportunity to join a small group of like-minded professionals who desire to overcome their fear of public speaking.

During this 8 week Coaching Program, you will be led and taught by Performance Psychologist and Anxiety Coach Dr. Nick Lazaris, who will provide the understanding and skills necessary to rid yourself of your speaking fears forever. 

You will discover the key coping techniques that will help you reduce speaking anxiety and gain confidence. You can learn to turn your fear of public speaking into energized performances every time you present!

What is included: 

  • 8 weekly 60 minute online sessions with Dr. Lazaris who will teach you the skills necessary to overcome your speaking anxiety.
  • Each session will include the opportunity for you to ask questions regarding your individual situation and to learn from the other members of the Group.
  • All materials (Mp3 files, PDF's) are included.
  • E-mail access to me between group sessions if you feel 'stuck' or unsure.
  • Each weeks session will be recorded and available to you to review should you miss a session.

This Program is for you if ...

  • You feel intense fear and anxiety when speaking or anticipating having to speak.
  • You fear blanking out in front of an audience (or even a conference table full of coworkers).
  • You are afraid that you will lose control and be embarrassed.
  • Your fear of public speaking is getting in the way of advancing in your career.
  • You have a rapid heartbeat and a tight chest when speaking.
  • You have lost self-confidence and experience self-doubt.
  • You know your business deserves a stronger spokesperson, but you're not sure how to become one.

Your Coach - Dr. Nick Lazaris

Hello! As a Performance Psychologist and Anxiety Coach, I have specialized for 38 years in helping professionals, entrepreneurs, performing artists, and creatives achieve a life and career that they never imagined possible. By helping them dramatically increase their self-confidence and overcome their fear, my clients have developed the ability to consistently perform at or near their personal best regardless of the circumstances.  

In addition to coaching and speaking, I have had the privilege to author The Assertive Communicator; From Panic to Peace; Stress, Resiliency & Taking Charge of Your Life; and the upcoming The Fearless Business Speaker

It's Time to Overcome your Anxiety. Here's how this Group will help: 

Understand how your brain creates FEAR out of stress

Develop powerful skills to slow down your anxiety 

Gain control over your physical symptoms of anxiety

Learn to quiet your negative, fear-based self-talk

Re-write your inner dialogue to stop your anxious thinking

Apply the power and effectiveness of Mental Rehearsal

Learn to Center and focus yourself just prior to speaking

Practice the key speaking preparation habits

Program Details

Where: Join online sessions from your office or home. (A link will be provided)

Cost: $376 (one-time fee) or payable in 2 payments of only $198 

When: TBA

What are clients of Dr. Lazaris saying?

" My coaching with Dr. Nick has amazingly changed my life. I had a fear of public speaking that was preventing me from enjoying my job, time with friends and sometimes even family time. I was always worried about what others might think of me and was always limited by others and the outside world in general. Dr. Nick has helped me refocus on myself and discover my incredible potential and getting free from the outside world. Overcoming my fear of public speaking has helped me overcome other challenges and build a stronger me.”  

~ Chahinez Laidli, M.D. Paris, France 

" I went to see Dr. Nick for help with public speaking anxiety and career coaching. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Nick’s approach and insight - he asked the right questions and took the necessary time to really understand where my issues were coming from. We then worked on very practical and effective tools to overcome the anxiety I was experiencing. These tools and thought processes proved helpful not only in my work but in all areas of my life. Dr. Nick’s coaching increased my confidence, improved my attitude, and equipped me to be the best person I can be! ”  

~ Joe P., C.P.A. 

"We had the pleasure of having Dr. Lazaris come to the OCSA to give a presentation to our students. Dr. Lazaris was warm, engaging, funny and helpful for our students. He was able to give guidance on how to control their anxiety and shared techniques with our students in order to help alleviate the stress that often comes with performance. The presentation was helpful and beneficial to our students and they thoroughly enjoyed it. We will definitely be asking Dr. Lazaris back to present again.”  

~ Dr. Maria Lazarova, DMA Director, Classical Voice Conservatory Orange County School of the Arts

Your presentation was the highlight of the meeting. You presented valuable concepts and personal strategies that will assist all of us in achieving a more productive and successful business. The audience interaction, customized workbook and your wonderful sense of humor added the perfect ingredients to the information you shared. The response that we received from the attendees was that this meeting was the best ever!”  

~ Lynn Gabrielson, President Professional Speakers Network  

So... are you ready to overcome your public speaking fears?