Personal Best


The 6 Principles of Peak Performance to Achieve Your Absolute Personal Best in Your Personal Life, as a Coach, and as a Creative

Take yourself, your business and creative life to a whole new level

Why settle for “good enough” when you can rise above mediocrity and fear and achieve something so much better?

Join Performance Psychologist Dr. Nick Lazaris for a powerful 90 minute Webinar Training where you will discover the essential principles and skills of peak performance used by successful business people, world-class athletes and performing artists at the top of their game.

The Personal Best Mindset Webinar Training Will Help You:

1. Live & Work with Laser-Focused Purpose

2. Create Intentional Action Towards Your Goals

3. Increase Self-Confidence

4. Manage Stress, Anxiety & Fear

5. Develop Powerful Success Routines

6. Live in the Moment with Mindful Presence

7. Practice Persistence & Perseverance

8. Take Charge of Your Life & Achieve Optimal Performance in Life, Business & Creativity

What Others Say About Dr. Nick

"Dr. Nick’s course has been a true treasure for me in these enormously challenging and stressful times. It’s well designed to fit into any busy lifestyle and is easy to access. Dr. Nick’s guidance and fountain of wisdom was always right there throughout the course as he answered my questions and clarified issues for me via email. What I have learned has made me more resilient generally, and has been a heaven-sent on my journey towards feeling calmer."

~ Ann, Belgium

"My coaching with Dr. Nick has amazingly changed my life. I was always worried about what others might think of me and was always limited by others and the outside world in general. Dr. Nick has helped me refocus on myself and discover my incredible potential and getting free from the outside world.”  

~ Chahinez Laidli, M.D. Paris, France 

"I was immediately impressed with Dr. Nick’s approach and insight - he asked the right questions and took the necessary time to really understand where my issues were coming from. We then worked on very practical and effective tools to overcome the anxiety I was experiencing. These tools and thought processes proved helpful not only in my work but in all areas of my life. Dr. Nick’s coaching increased my confidence, improved my attitude, and equipped me to be the best person I can be! ”  

~ Joe P., C.P.A. 

Meet Dr. Nick

As a Performance Psychologist and Anxiety Coach, Dr. Nick has specialized for 40 years in helping entrepreneurs, performing artists, and creatives achieve a life and career that they never imagined possible. By helping them dramatically increase their self-confidence and overcome their fear, his clients have developed the ability to consistently live, and perform at or near their personal best regardless of the circumstances.  

In addition to coaching and teaching, Dr. Nick has had the privilege to author The Assertive Communicator ; From Panic to Peace ; Stress, Resiliency & Taking Charge of Your Life ; and The Fearless Business Speaker

Webinar Details


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(A Replay will also be available if you are unable to attend the Webinar live)


Only $20

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Saturday, December 11 @ 11:00 am PST